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As a UX Designer at Workfront I led the redesign for the Workfront iOS and Android apps, designed features and enhancements for the Workfront web app, and contributed to developing the product vision.


I led the design for brand new Workfront iOS and Android apps. Working with a remote team, we created a mobile app that allows individuals to manage the work from their phone. I designed the update stream, work objects, document and work approvals, navigation, time tracking, and notifications. The app currently has 5 stars in both the iOS and Android stores.
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With "quick actions" you can update your work right from you task list. Track your time for any task you are working on.
Get all the info about the tasks you are working on. You can also read updates from your co-workers or update the yourself.
I created the Workfront Mobile Style Guide to ensure consistency through-out the applications and across products.

Adobe Extension

I improved the design of the Workfront Adobe extension through customer interviews, customer observations, and usability testing. I also worked closely with an external agency, who developed the application, to ensure a high quality end product.
The Workfront Adobe Extension allows Workfront users to interact with Workfront from their main tool, the Adobe Suite.

Web + Process

I also design for the Workfront web application. I worked on a large range of projects for the web, including small feature and usability enhancements, product visioning, and a completely new way for creative marketers to interact with our product. Much of this work is not yet released so I am unable to talk about details of it, however I would be more than happy to discuss my process. The Workfront app is a large and complex and requires careful consideration while designing. A user centered design process that utilizes research and validation is key for products like this. I regularly used customer visits, interviews, story mapping, affinity diagramming, and usability tests to inform my creation of prototypes, wireframes, and eventually high fidelity designs. This process varied depending on the needs and scope of the project.
I led user story mapping with my team to create a future vision of our product.
I designed usability improvements for the document management in Workfront. I also designed innovative ways for Workfront users to interact with and manage their documents.
In-progress wireframe of possible product designs.

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