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Math Racer

I created this iOS app to help elementary students improve their basic math skills. I wanted to make a game where students would test their math skills, come back, practice, and improve. In the app, students choose a mathematical operation and difficulty level, then answer math problems to race their car against the opponent driver.


The game includes several elements that achieve two goals of allowing students to test their skills and encourage practice. The first, being a character that appears throughout the application, encouraging and congratulating the students. The character creates a familiar face that children recognize and provides a connection that simply answering math problems doesn't allow. The second element is the star system. For each combination of operation and difficulty level, the students earn stars that track their progress, and encourages them to come back and practice and improve their skills as they level up. The app became much more enjoyable and engaging with the inclusion of these two features. After initial development, I playtested the game with elementary students to fine tune to difficulty parameters and discover usability issues.

Final Product

I released the iPad application to the iOS store where it was downloaded tens of thousands of times and resulted in nearly half a million math problems answered.

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